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Dreamland – 18/08/19

Many years ago I started recording my vivid dreams on facebook, because recalling dreams too far after the fact could prove near impossible. Sometimes these dreams give insight into what’s playing on my mind at the time, and sometimes they provide interesting story fodder, so I’m thinking I might start recording them here, and would love your feedback as to whether you’d be interested in seeing more of these or not.

This particular dream happened at the end of 14.5 hours of sleep the day after I had a terrible fever, and if this dream only made up the 20-30 minutes of REM sleep right at the end of this session*, I’d love to know what the longer sessions held!
* according to my FitBit.

This session in Dreamland featured Orange is the New Black quite heavily. Early on in the dream, in the part that is less clear, it seemed I had been transferred from maximum security to minimum. I didn’t remember any of my time in max. In minimum I was in a relationship with one of the other prisoners. She was released early, and it turned out that her new bedroom was on the other side of the window of my cell, at the back of/under a pizza place.

In the second, and more vivid part of the dream, I was aware of many real-world things bleeding in.

We had an information session of sorts where we were being told all the ways in which our life would suck after prison, and how many years it would take us to build any semblance of normal life again. They were estimating three years for us to find even simple employment, and I couldn’t remember why I was in prison, how long I had been given, and how long still remained. I was informed by the teacher that I had two years remaining.

In the real world, I was told by the doctor not to wait until I’m 35 to start trying to have kids, and the remaining two years would put me dangerously close to that age. In the dream I jokingly asked if I could set up a conjugal visit 8 months from the end of my sentence.

I was also missing all of my books something terrible, and strongly hoping that they had been put into storage safely, rather than sold off or thrown out. My dad told me he had just packed what they could up and moved it all out as quickly as possible because the landlord hadn’t given them time. I couldn’t get him to give me a clear answer on whether my books had been among those things.

Then I was wandering through a store on some weird kind of field trip, the guy I had started seeing a few months before going into prison was there with me, as was the teacher/guard who had told me how long I had left on my sentence.

As we left the department store, I asked the guy if he would please buy me a notebook (because I didn’t have $2 to my name) so I could start knuckling down on writing while I was locked up, and maybe I could look at having something published when I was out… so I could have money to live on.

We exited right from the department store to the prison, and at some point we went to another window where I could see the table of exercise books… for some reason this prison was built INSIDE a shopping complex?

All the other prisoners were excited about the presence of a new guy who wasn’t a guard in the prison, but oddly enough they expressed this interest by sitting or squatting on the ground, giggling to each other, and writing their thoughts down on little notepads which I could see from where I was standing.

It seems the overall themes of the dream were about losing the things that are important to me and running out of time. It’s odd that my dogs (either past or current) weren’t featured in the dream, and that the house I lived in before prison was the place I lived alone two houses ago, when my book collection was perhaps 1/4 the size it is now.

How often do you have weird dreams… that you can remember? According to my FitBit I have REM sleep more frequently and for longer than other women my age.

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